Happy Sewing Day!

Any day I get to sew is a happy day for me.

Decorating with Signs

This is a new sign my daughter and husband made for me this week and I love it!!
I love decorating with signs but can you have to many?

Where would you Love to Sew Today?

I think I would just love to stay home today and sew and sew
in my own sewing room.......

New Blog!

My blog had a new face!
After Photobucket changed their policy I changed my blog!
I will say it was worth all the work and time (a lot still to do) to not pay Photobucket
399.00 for pictures a web designer did for me years ago.
They have closed their doors and so they won't be paying Photobucket and even if I do,
it won't fix my blog.
So at first I was so upset and made several attempts to resolve and finally decide it was time for a change.
SO I sat down and bought a Template from Georgia Lou Studios and was ever glad.
My template was $15.00 and then they have all the training on their site to make it your own.
I had so much fun learning everything they have to offer.
I am still learning but I guess now I can sat Thank you Photobucket for screwing up my blog!


Framed and hung!
 I am so excited it done.

Laundry Room

My washer and dryer die!
It was so sad for me, I get attached to my washer and dryer
 like I do my car, favorite chair or even my cat.
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